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Vad andra tycker

Golf Digest

"Barney is back
with a unique putter shaft you have to try."

"The Stability Shaft was developed because traditional steel shafts provide inferior performance."

Driving Range Hero's

"I just flat out love how my putter felt with Stability Tour in it."

Travel & Golf

"From short to long putts, Stability was noticeably better."

"They hit a home run with the introduction of the original Stability shaft. Now, Stability Tour offers the same massive boost in putter performance, with improved feel and looks."

Avid Golfer

"The ball rolled pure right off the face…there was an improvement in just a few strokes. Can the Stability shaft improve your overall stroke, yes it would appear so!"

Armchair Sports

"Stability is a stroke of genius."

Plugged-In Golf

"Stability Tour makes for a seamless transition away from steel and gives upgrades that tour players want to amateurs as well."

Equipment Insider

"Once you go to Stability, you don’t go back."

"I will say that the Stability Tour shaft impressed me."

Golf Balled

"Stability definitely makes my putter feel solid and translated to fewer putts."

Into the Grain

"Breakthrough Golf instantly made me a better putter."

Amateur Golf

"After a few rolls one can easily see and feel that Stability lives up to its claims and more."

True Fit Clubs

"I definitely saw my putts hold the line better and maintain distance control and the feel was really good…smooth."

Golf Unfiltered

"The Stability Shaft felt extremely solid and soft. I made more putts, more often."

Aces Golf

"Trust me, if you want to feel better on the green, give some serious thought to the Stability shaft. You won’t regret it."


"The BGT Stability Tour Shaft is the next competitive advantage in your short game.
The balance and feel are amazing. Most of all, I saw my performance improve and that is what matters the most."

 Jim Mackay, President OnePutt Enterprises, Inc.

 Jim Mackay, President OnePutt Enterprises, Inc.

“Traditional putter shafts are inherently inconsistent and can limit how well you can perform. You may have been told that your steel shaft is as good as it needs to be, but it isn’t nearly as good as it could be. The stability shaft removes inconsistencies that current putter shafts have, and it helps compensate for mistakes all golfers make. It will help unleash your full putting potential. Based upon my work in the testing and development of putters, along with my coaching of tour players, I have been recommending my players use a stiffer shaft in their putters for over 15 years. I can say without reservation, the stability shaft far exceeds any shaft available.”

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