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The all-new, connected, adjustable playing surface.

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"Golfs moving floor"

World-class innovation and technology.


Jag vill veta mer!

The Zen Green Stage® is an all-new product for 2021. Connect it with your technology for a revolutionary new indoor golf experience.

Its playing surface can be adjusted in seconds to create slopes which mirror a real-world golf course – for both Putting and Full Swing play.

Accurate, powerful and so stable that you can control it while you stand on it, the 2021 Zen Green Stage® is a fundamental step forward for indoor golf.

  • Unique all-direction movement

  • Double-breaking putts

  • Putting and Full Swing

  • Rapid slope transitions

  • Up to 10% gradient left-right

  • Up to 8% gradient up-down

  • NEW Precise Wi-Fi control from your phone or tablet

  • NEW Future-proof: connects with tomorrow’s technology

  • NEW Precise accuracy +/- 0.1%

  • NEW Stand-on-stage control

  • NEW Auto self-levelling and calibration

  • NEW Intuitive control system

  • NEW Safety features

  • NEW Self-assembly option

  • NEW Ultra-real putting turf

  • NEW Strengthened design supports multiple players at once

  • NEW Dramatic in-floor installation option

  • NEW Adjustable Strike Turf mat

Vi söker nu referensanläggningar över hela Sverige, är du intresserad av att sätta upp din egen studio så hör av dig! Skicka ett mejl till så tar vi det där ifrån!

Skicka mig en broschyr!

Är du intresserad av mer detaljerad information så klicka på denna länken. Fyll i dina kontaktuppgifter. På frågan hur du kom i kontakt med Zen Green Stage fyller du i "BGT Scandinavia", så tar vi kontakt med dig!

Ian Poulter

Ryder Cup golfer

Zen Green Stage owner

“Zen Green Stage is great practice. It’s the business.”

Jon Karlsen

Tour Putting Coach

“Just as launch monitors have become universal, within a few years the Zen Green Stage will be everywhere.”

Phil Kenyon

Tour Putting Coach

“The Zen Green Stage is the final piece of the jigsaw. No other technology has its capabilities. I now give better lessons simply because I have the Green Stage. In this respect, it’s priceless.”

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